July 2014 – Getting Ready

Mosque at sundown. Sultanahmet Camii interior.

Istanbul here we come!!!

Going on sabbatical is AMAZING and WONDERFUL and TERRIFYING. My hubby Rich and I are preparing to take a one year leave of absence from our regular jobs at Keene State College and Amherst College. First, we will go to Turkey to teach at the University of the Bosphorus and to participate in the northern hemisphere olive harvests in four countries.  Then we plan to spend the second half of our sabbatical year in South Africa at Stellenbosch University observing the southern hemisphere olive harvest in Africa.  For now, we need to get ready for these adventures on three continents with plans to visit eight countries over ten months

Before we leave Amherst, we must address domestic issues:

  • rent our home – of course trying to do all the deferred maintenance projects possible and setting up with a property manager for our time away
  • get all of our deferred medical maintenance, medications for the year, vaccinations (hepatitis, typhoid, and yellow fever) and certifications of good health from our family doctor
  • visit with as many of our friends and family as possible
  • settle our two girls as much as possible – Sarah (25) has just relocated to Denver -see our Great Western Adventure Blog-and Becca (22) is on her way out there late August
  • get our financial house in order

…..and an even longer list of international issues:

  • For Phase I of our sabbatical to Istanbul, we must
    • get visas to stay in Turkey
    • rent a home in Istanbul (thank your sabbatical homes.com)
    • get our Olive Oil Chemistry course ready to teach at the University of the Bosphorus (insert link)
    • work with our host Zeynep Delen to make plans to participate in the northern hemisphere fall olive harvests in Turkey, Spain (Catalonia), Italy (Siena), and Greece (Athens)
    • participate in Zeytin 2014
    • connect with alumni, faculty, and friends in Istanbul
  • And for Phase II of our sabbatical in South Africa, we must
    • get a long term resident visa to stay in South Africa
    • rent a home in Stellenbosch (thank you airbnb.com)
    • connect with labs at Stellenbosch School of Agriculture and Department of Biochemistry
    • participate in the southern hemisphere spring olive harvest in South Africa and its environs
    • get connected to faculty, alumni, friends in ZA

So, this is just a short intro while we attend to the business of getting all these things done.  Tune in next month to see how we are doing.

We leave September 2nd!!!!  Will we get all this done???  

Tell us what you think 

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