Day 0 – The journey

Rich’s Turn: Finally off!

It’s been a long road to the day when we could get on the flights to Istanbul. Finally, the last floor was swept, the last screw tightened and the fridge and freezer cleaned out. We are out of the house for the next 10 months and on to adventures in other lands.

We had a smooth trip to Bradley, and had plenty of time to check in. The gate agent was kind enough to overlook the extra few pounds in my larger suitcase (and to overlook the extra several on me…). Sitting in Bradley, we didn’t have any sense that this was a trip of this magnitude. It felt much more like a flight to Florida or Baltimore. Once our plane rolled up, we felt less like we were traveling to different continents. The cutest 18 passenger Beechcraft rolled up and was swarmed by service crew. Fueling and baggage transfer took a short time, and we were off to Toronto.

The flight took 2 hours, and was relatively comfortable, except for some predictable bouncing on the way down through the thick clouds to the airport. We walked a couple of leagues to get to the transfer point, went through customs quickly,and dropped into the international terminal for our layover. We passed the time lunching at an Indian restaurant and wandering through the duty-free store. Feeling free from the duty to buy anything, and having the goal to spend the $20 we had left in Canadian currency, we did escape unscathed.

Then, we boarded the plane at around 4pm, settled into our seats in the way back of the plane, and got ready for the long ten hour flight to Attaturk airport.

The flight a little bumpy, a bit tedious from row 38, but really nothing out of the ordinary. After several months of juggling big and little jobs, it was nice to sit back and enjoy some mindless entertainment (Anchorman 2, anyone?) and try to sleep a bit.

We were flying over clouds most of the journey, but as we begin our descent, the sky is clear and the scenery dry. It is starting to sink in that we are back in Turkey. It’s odd how familiar the flight in is. We are well aware, though, that visiting somewhere and living somewhere are very different activities. We will re-enter the world of tasks very soon. Figuring out how to run the house we are renting, where to get groceries, supplies and haircuts, how to get our phones onto Turkish providers are all on the list of things to do to get set up in our new home. Fortunately, we have some time to do this, and some help from friends. The first thing to do is to get into the house, drop our baggage, and get word back home that we’re in.


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