Weeks 40-42: Our Last Blog Post

Our  emotions right now, standing at the boundary of our Olive Odyssey and Home, run the gamut from nervously excited to tearfully sad.  The future is both more certain and less certain than it has been for the past year – thus the nerves and the excitement.  The past – that is Our Year with Olives – has been infinitely more enriching than we could have imagined. Looking back at the year – a snapshot at this moment – we could say that….

  • We have learned a lot about olives and olive oil*- an understatement
  • We have been universally welcomed and treated kindly by strangers – a surprising discovery
  • We hope we can capitalize on the investment everyone has made in us – a goal that we are honor bound to realize*
  • We have found from living in several countries that it’s difficult to get millions of people to work together on tough problems, and that the difficulties we see abroad are startlingly familiar.
  • We have learned a lot about ourselves – mostly humility – knowing that often we get it wrong first time around and sometimes even the second time, but thankfully people have the patience to set us right.

So, this will be our last Blog Post, the final Chapter in the Year.  Thank you for reading and thank those of you who made comments.  We hope to write the epilogue and provide you with details of when and where our book will be available.

* working title of our book: “The Purest Mixture from the Wisest Tree: Chemistry of Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.  We are 3/4 way through the first draft and have some nibbles from a publisher.

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One Response to Weeks 40-42: Our Last Blog Post

  1. cab552014 says:

    It has been wonderful reading your blog but I will be so glad to have you home.

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