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Who is crazy/lucky enough to have this adventure?


Trip to Colorado Rockies in June 2014

Meet me, Pat O’Hara, faculty member in Biophysical Chemistry from Amherst College – where I’ve been for 31 years.  Having just finished a four year rotation as the  Dean of New Students, I was (over)due for a sabbatical and knew that I needed to get distance between me and the College in order to gain perspective on that experience and to make plans for what I am meant to do next.  I am wife to Rich Blatchly (for 34 years) and mom to Sarah (25) and Becca (22). No grandkids yet but Sarah just got an adorable dog, Emmeline.  I grew up in a blended family on Long Island with 10 brothers and 4 sisters.

Meet Rich, husband extraordinaire, who teaches just about every kind of chemistry at Keene State College as a full Professor.  He is working with the international ed office at Keene and hopes to be able to make some long lasting links between his institution and the ones we will be at abroad.  He cooks, takes amazing photos, loves cycling and waterskiing.  He grew up in Central NY near Owasco Lake with a brother and sister who are now in Ohio and Florida respectively.

Our last sabbatical together was in 2004-2005 when we moved the entire family to Bordeaux for an incredible year there.  We kept a blog then, and it really helped us process our time away and what we were learning.  It also helped us keep in touch with our friends and family at home. It also inoculated all of us with a passion for travel and a wanderlust for adventure.


Harry Potter World at Universal Studio December 2014

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